Friday, October 28, 2011

Acting WIP - blocking

Here's a small sneak-peek at my newest acting animation (WIP). The sound is from Finding Nemo, if you're wondering. You can view the original here (beware, as the quality is grim:)

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the facial(?) expressions of the little pink fellow, and I am hoping to achieve something similar with the Morpheus rig that I'm using.


  1. oooooo... Zapowiada sie bardzo ciekawie! :D Can't wait for the final ostateczny! X-D

  2. no to dajesz, nie ma opierteges sie! X) czekam na to!

  3. niestety projekt jest "on hold" ze wzgledu na inne rzeczy ( inna animacyja 'na zadanie' ktore dostalem od pewnej firmy i potencjalnie da mi prace :D)
    Ale do tego na pewno wroce a.s.a.p. obiecujeeee ;]