Thursday, December 8, 2011

Got a problem?

No, got a job :]

This is a short animated scene I did as a part of a recruitment process. The instructions were simple: The character is some sort of a bluecollar worker, sitting at this bar, smoking a cigarette, resting one of his hands on the table. He's watching something or someone in front of him. He takes the cigarette to his mouth, inhales, and suddenly gets up from his chair, drops the cigarette to the floor and puts it out with his boot. He then takes some steps forward, as if he were to enter a fight with someone.
This is what I did:

I am not entirely satisfied with the overly exaggerated ending, but it turns out that the I did good enough to earn myself a job, yeah:]
Strarting in January, will be animating and learning to work with mocap so I'm very glad and excited.

Oh, and now that I have some extra time, I will be working on the "Tank is clean" scene again :]


Friday, October 28, 2011

Acting WIP - blocking

Here's a small sneak-peek at my newest acting animation (WIP). The sound is from Finding Nemo, if you're wondering. You can view the original here (beware, as the quality is grim:)

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the facial(?) expressions of the little pink fellow, and I am hoping to achieve something similar with the Morpheus rig that I'm using.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Okay, so I rendered out an old animation of some lego figures to be integrated into live footage, but it turned out kind of crappy ;]
The video quality was horrible in the first place (and extremely shaky, thanks Edyta :P), so the 3d elements are sliding and it does not look too good... but I'm putting it here anyway as it was a cool exercise, and maybe I'll try to do something similar with better footage in the future.

Also, today I started working on some acting animation, yay! This will probably take some time to finish, but some of the first poses are already in place :]

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

a tribute

Okay so I went back to school today to do some acting animation, just to discover that we'll only have access to the computers until the end of this month :/ I will have to make do with my laptop now which isn't all that great... So, I have wasted some more time (or have I?;]) doing this:

wtf you ask? Well, you obviously don't know your meme! This is a tribute to a funny (and extremely addictive) animation done by Colin Sanders (click here to watch it on youtube or read more about it). So yeah, have fun ;]

Friday, September 16, 2011


So yeah, we already have sound to Morsal Kombat's trailer - and we will probably release it soon, along with the full movie, yay!

Annnnd, your truly is looking for a job at the moment, so here goes first pass of my animation demoreel! I am planning to animate some more scenes to it in the near future.
Mh, check it out:

I also had to make some changes to the blog layout, as the widescreen custom-sized video was blowing the old layout up :P

Friday, August 12, 2011

worth checking out

great references!

on another note... the short is rendering as I write this msg, so excited!
Soon, I will supply a link to the trailer and/or the full movie :]
Definitely will upload the scenes animated by moi.

Monday, August 8, 2011

beginnings pt 5

And finally, some animation ;] just a very short video with a run-like-hell cycle.
THEY are among us, and they want YOUR brainz!

mh, I've also dug out a bit longer playblast, where you can actually see something :P
here goes:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

beginnings pt 4

So, guess what? mh, yeah, I bring you... MORE CORN POSES!!!:P
(if you did not catch the reference, watch this [Beware: rated 18+][and, kind of sick...])


key poses

I've just watched some of the first animation tutorials by Keith Lango, and it seems that indeed, strong character poses are the key to succesful animation. What I like about this idea is the fact that it kind of resembles traditional animation - the animator should treat each key pose as an individual drawing, or an illustration that should be telling (or at least selling) the story to the audience.

So incredibly POWERFUL!!!

Perhaps all the time I've spent viewing the gazillions of manga pages won't go to waste after all, eh?;]

beginnings pt 3

Moar poses aaaarrrrrrgghh!;]
A quick posing in-class assignment, based on a series of quick sketches of
my friends. Seems I didn't even smooth out mr Moom's surface ;]

and again, my fav:

beginnings pt 2

Some poses, referenced from Soul Calibur games, obviously ;]

and my favorite, the angry Moom:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beginnings pt 1

Hoookay, as the work on my first short film is still in progress, I will be uploading some of my older works from school that are of my liking, for the time being.

Below is a render of my chess modeling assignment, me hopes you like it :]


here we go!